16 June 2011

Entrevistas en Canarias 7 y La Provincia / Interviews In newspapers Canarias 7 and La Provincia

Meseguer, a decade in the depth

Painter exhibits his work in "Cuadro" gallery.

The gallery of the capital of Gran Canaria invited to dive in the dreams of crystal waters by Nuria Meseguer.
The Gran Canaria painter exhibits in this solo her proyect The Hideaway of the sirens, a series in which the artist advocates a balanced relationship between Man and Nature ...

In total, the gallery, at León y Castillo Street, contains 21 works by Nuria Meseguer (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, 1973).There, the artist continues an investigation into the transparency and luminosity of the deep sea, its relationship with the human figure and the relation
between the painting and the background, facing the objectivity of white canvas with the unreality of the
evocative seascapes.
The artist has been swimming in these waters for more than a decade."I don't go
to breathe since 2000" , Meseguer said respect for thematic continuity of his painting.

"As a child I was terrified of water.. But at the age of 12 my father went to Lanzarote and I learned to swim. I was reborn. One day , comming from the beach, after having been with's snorkeling, I began to experience painting, I felt like I was reborn like when I discovered the pleasure of diving. After experiencing this renaissance, the sea is an issue that still does not want to release", tells the creator about his fondness for the ocean views.

For her, the water also evokes the subconscious. "With my painting, says Meseguer, i try to convey emotions. It is also an active complaint claiming the ideal balance between man and nature".

In 2008, in a series that showed in the former gallery Luroa at Gran Canaria's capital, its waters turned red and the bodies, seen from the aqueous environment, became more prominent. But now the painter focuses on underwater scenery and human figures appear dwarfed.

Newspaper Canarias 7, 14 june 2011.


"In my paintings I try to combine the reality with submergedaspects of the psyche"

How would you define your style?

Environmentalism as if there was an artistic movement that exalts the balance between nature and man, I would include it.

My works fall into a kind of magical realism, as the current literature, and I try to combine reality with submerged irrational aspects in our psyche and emotions. I place the human being in balance with nature, and peaceful complaint as a reminder of the paradise that was, and, with consciousness, can remain it.

How many artistic works and what kind are in this exhibition at Cuadro Gallery?

There are 21 works underwater and a short introduction of what will be the next exhibition of abstract and realism.

What provides the viewer with these works?

I found at the finish that backgrounds are more protagonists. They are theme parks where to get lost, play, forget about the world with their ups and downs of every day. Attempt to move the viewer to the brackets paradise where we are ourselves best than ever, we forget about our national identity card, immersed in the beauty that surrounds us.

What do you think of the current Canary paint?

There are real values ​​among our artists, works of high quality with an idiosyncrasy that defines us as islanders in turn connected to the outside.The most interesting thing for me to note is the variety of styles. A refreshingly eclectic and full of creativity. We must continue helping the resident artist because they has nothing to envy to great cultural capitals.

Newspaper La Provincia, 28 May 2011.